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Urgent Care vs ER Questions and Answers

Are you looking for urgent medical attention, and not sure if a walk-in urgent care would be the better option over an emergency room visit? If you are not in a life or limb threatening situation, visit AFC Urgent Care Wichita today! We offer a multitude of urgent care services and treatments. We are located at 3161 N. Rock Road, Suite A Wichita, Kansas, 67226.

Urgent Care Near Me in Wichita, KS

Is Urgent Care faster than ER?

Medical issues that need medical attention can happen unexpectedly and at any moment. This is why urgent cares as well as emergency rooms are available to the public to use. Urgent cares offer similar medical care as emergency rooms with the difference that emergency rooms treat life or limb threatening issues, and they treat them before any others.

Emergency rooms offer walk-in service only and can become extremely busy causing long wait-times due to the severity of each person’s illness or injury as they come in for medical attention. Urgent cares not only offer walk-in based service, but they also offer appointment-based service to help with medical issues when they arise for their patients.

Urgent cares offer great incentives and benefits including extended hours, additional services like digital x-rays, laboratory clinic, physical exams and testing for UTI’s or STD’s as well as other services and treatments which you would normally see a primary care or family care clinic for but with urgent cares like AFC Urgent Care, they are able to offer faster service.

What is the difference between urgent care and emergency care?

The one real difference between an urgent care and an emergency room is, the emergency room departments are available to the general public and are mainly meant to address life-threatening and limb-threatening health issues. Urgent cares like AFC Urgent Care are also open to the general public to address any medical issues you may have that is urgent, same-day issues which are not life or limb-threatening.

AFC Urgent Care Wichita offers the ability for one-stop medical care and can include specials for certain services as well as includes treating:

  • Illnesses
    • Flu
    • Cough or Cold
    • Allergies
    • Asthma
    • Kidney Infection
    • COVID-19 Testing and more
  • Injuries
    • Cuts
    • Puncture Wounds
    • Fractures, Sprains or Strains
    • Burns
    • Animal Bites and more
  • Prevention
    • STD Testing
    • UTI Testing
    • DOT Physicals
    • Pre-Employment Screenings
    • Sport, School and Camp Physicals and more

Is it better to go to urgent care or ER?

Accidents or illness can be a cause for urgent immediate attention and can interrupt your day without warning. Urgent cares like AFC Urgent Care have become popular amongst the USA and are aiding emergency room help by offering non-emergency patients medical treatment at their urgent care clinics. Some of the many reasons you should visit the emergency however is if you are dealing with a life or limb threatening emergency, which may include:

  • Heart attack
  • Stroke
  • Severe trauma or head injury
  • Severe bleeding or bleeding that will not stop
  • Loss of consciousness

Urgent care clinics are available to help with non-emergency medical situations and treatments for things like:

  • Animal bites
  • Broken bones, sprains, strains or fractures
  • Cough, cold or flu like symptoms
  • Cuts that may require stitches
  • Minor burns or rashes
  • DOT Physicals
  • Pre-Employment Screenings
  • UTI or STD Testing
  • Blood work
  • Vomiting, diarrhea or other stomach and belly pain issues

AFC Urgent Care Wichita offers all of those incredible services and treatments as well as incredible features you may not find at other urgent cares including onsite Digital X-rays, Laboratory Clinic and much more!

What are some benefits of going to an urgent care instead of an ER?

AFC Urgent Care Wichita offers convenient, quick, and reliable walk-in or appointment based medical service and treatments with little to no wait times with affordable rates to a multitude of medical urgent services. A few of the major benefits that AFC Urgent Care Wichita offers includes:

  • More convenient open hours which are extended past what your primary or family care doctor may offer
  • Affordable services with monthly specials
  • Reliable, fast and efficient service for your urgent care needs
  • No appointments necessary, walk-ins are always welcome!
  • Ability to treat minor to serious medical issues that are not life or limb-threatening.

If you or someone you know is looking for an urgent care in Wichita KS, visit AFC Urgent Care Wichita, KS. We are located at 3161 N. Rock Road, Suite A Wichita, Kansas, 67226. We serve patients from Wichita KS, Haysville KS, Derby KS, Andover KS, Newton KS, El Dorado KS, and Winfield KS.