Children’s Urgent Care and Walk-In Clinic in Wichita, KS

AFC Urgent Care Wichita Offers Pediatric Walk-in Clinic Medical Services to Children of All Ages 7 Days a Week

Fast and excellent pediatrics medical care is one of the many services that we offer at our walk-in AFC Urgent Care Wichita, KS clinic.
AFC Urgent Care Wichita not only provides excellent service to its adult patients, but it also offers Pediatric Clinic services as well. Our Wichita, KS Walk in clinic is the perfect fit for the medical needs of children over 6 months old. The Children’s Clinic has expert doctors and an amazing support staff that are here to comfort your child when they need it the most. Have you hit a road block in your search for a Pediatric Clinic Wichita, KS? Is your child’s regular pediatrician too busy to see your little one? That’s okay because AFC’s urgent care that treats children is an outstanding alternative to your child’s regular pediatrician and the ER when your child needs prompt medical attention.

The physicians at our Pediatric Clinic near Wichita, KS have vast experience with childhood illnesses and injuries. Our child friendly facility coupled with our compassionate staff allows your little one to feel safe, which in turn helps the process of tending to their healthcare needs. Whether your child is battling an ear infection, the pinkeye they brought home from school or anything else that is bothering them, they deserve to receive care from experienced doctor. Our doctors offer services related to the following Pediatric Urgent Care conditions: