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AFC Urgent Care Wichita, KS Diabetes Management Near Derby, Andover, Haysville

Welcome to AFC Urgent Care Wichita, Helping Patients Stay on Healthy Dieting Track This Holiday Season.

AFC Urgent Care Wichita, KS Diabetes Management Near Derby, Andover, Haysville

Diabetes Management During the Holidays

The holidays and the New Year can be a tempting time to gorge your self on sweets and fatty foods, especially when everyone around you is indulging as well. While it may be easy to reach over for an extra dessert or dinner roll, it is important to manage your eating habits during the holidays if you have diabetes. At AFC Urgent Care Wichita, Kansasour certified and experienced medical team focuses on providing patients with useful and applicable advice for staying healthy during the holiday season. Our walk-in clinic offers a variety of services, and is conveniently located in Wichita, Kansas and serves neighboring cities such as Derby, Andover, Haysville.

Here are some useful tips on managing your diabetes during the holidays:

  • Stay Active

Going outside for some physical activity can be difficult during the holiday festivities, but it is necessary. Walking after dinner can reduce your stress and appetite, and is a good practice if you have diabetes.

  • Stick to Your Plan

While it is easy to reach for extra food on the dinner table, it is essential to stick to your healthy holiday plan when it comes to managing diabetes.

  • Fit in your Favorites

Sample your favorite dishes first, so that you are not tempted to eat everything at the dinner table. As long as you limit your portion sizes, indulging during the holidays is fine.

  • Sleep

Sleep loss can drive up your blood sugar level, and cause you to eat more during the holidays. Be sure to get an adequate amount of sleep! AFC Urgent Care Wichita, Kansas focuses on providing useful tips for our patients who are living with diabetes. Along with diabetes services AFC Urgent Care Wichita also offers other other services such as Urgent Care AFC Urgent Care provides treatment for injuries and illnesses offering a convenient, lower-cost alternative to visiting a hospital emergency room.

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We look forward to helping you soon and answering any questions that you might have!